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We have prepared and thought about everything that would make it easier for you to use air flights

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We are now launching an ICO to raise funds in the aviation industry

Every day we get closer to helping the world achieve guilt-free flight through our high-speed culture. Here we advocate for quick decision-making and really give our people the opportunity to develop their skills, strengthen their resolve and demonstrate their dedication. We value results and efficiency and prioritize achieving our mission in the most efficient and innovative way. We create opportunities and realize ambitions. We work together as a team to overcome difficulties, find solutions and solve problems. Join us and destroy this sector. Get support and good compensation. You could say that you were a part of it. You could say that you were here at the beginning of the revolution, before aviation changed for the better. Be a part of something bigger than thinking outside the box. Become a part of our Clear Sky movement.

You will work alongside passionate experts who are exemplary in their field. You will make a contribution that will have a positive impact on the world for future generations. Apart from our common goal, we succeed thanks to our high-speed culture and a world-class work environment that takes care of every AviaCoin.


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Our new digital token, AviaCoin US7 is a principally new generation of digital tokens, with its philosophy of the development and
its vision of the future practical usage by the Int’l Companies, private (local) customers, or even well-developed Government structures & Banks.

"Creating the future is our calling"

Alex K.


"People don't like to think long-term. Many are desperately looking for short-term answers because they have money problems that need to be solved today."

Jason Cole


“The best time to invest is yesterday. We can start today. The sooner you start investing, the better”

Alexander Gray


"If you don't think about owning shares for ten years, don't even think about owning them for ten minutes."

Daniel Stone


The most frequently asked questions

What is an ICO?

ICO (Initial coin offering) is a form of attracting investments in the form of selling to investors a fixed number of new units of cryptocurrencies obtained by one—time or accelerated generation.

What Is A New Digital Token AviaCoin US7 ?

First, our new digital token AviaCoin US7 isn’t simply a new digital token, one of hundreds or even thousand others.
Our new digital token, AviaCoin US7 is a principally new generation of digital tokens, with its philosophy of the development and
its vision of the future practical usage by the Int’l Companies, private (local) customers, or even well-developed Government structures &
The background of our new digital token, AviaCoin US7, comes from the XXth century when German businessman Dr. Silvio
Geyser created a new type of money, called later “geyser money.” Such money appeared in Germany in the 30s, Austria, then even in
America. And this money helped bring certain regions (across the World) out of the Great Depression of the 30s.
This geyser money, of course, has a velocity of circulation much higher than regular fiat (legitimate) money. That is, it is money
with adverse interest. That is, money is not intended to fulfill the function of preserving wealth; it is money that has a single part – a means
of fast circulation and a means of wide exchange. Of course, t velocity guard.

What does US7 do?

US7 is developing hydrogen-electric engines for aviation in order to create a truly zero-emission aviation by 2025. Our mission is to put hydrogen—electric engines on every aircraft, defining this technology as the most practical, economical and the most far-reaching. find a solution to reduce the impact of aviation on climate change and clean air.

What is hydrogen-electric?

Hydrogen-electric engines use hydrogen in fuel cells to generate electricity, which is then used to power electric motors that turn aircraft propellers, with the only byproduct being water.

What will the costs be?

The cost of producing low-carbon hydrogen is already competitive with jet fuel for some airline operators, and it is falling sharply and will decrease exponentially, given government interventions already in place or expected (renewable energy costs are a good parallel for this). The US has provided a loan for hydrogen production, the UK has its own hydrogen business model support package, and the EU hydrogen package and the EU ReFuel initiatives offer clear mechanisms to reduce the cost of producing environmentally friendly hydrogen.

With lower maintenance costs due to a lower intensity system, operating costs can be reduced by about 20-40%.

What are the plans for US7?

Initially, we are focusing on two classes of powertrains: one to provide a range of 300 miles on aircraft with 9-19 seats by 2025, and the other to support a range of up to 700 miles on aircraft with 40-80 seats by 2027. However, in the end we see that there are no physical barriers and are aimed at narrow-body aircraft and even beyond them.

How many employees are there?

At the moment we have about 300 employees.

Is hydrogen safe?

We believe that after certification it will be at least as safe as jet fuel. There are also many reasons to anticipate increased security:

The integrity of compressed hydrogen tanks surpasses any liquid fuel tanks used in aviation today: they are resistant to accidents, tested with large-caliber guns, etc.

There are also less serious consequences of failure. H2 is the lightest molecule and dissipates very quickly when leaking — it is more difficult to maintain a combustible mixture outdoors (unlike liquid fuel vapors). Even if a mixture exists, H2 is more difficult to ignite than most fuels: the self-ignition temperature is >500C compared to <200C for jet fuel. Even if it ignites, the H2 flame emits much less radiant heat compared to jet fuel, which leads to a much lower probability of secondary fires.

Standards and protocols need to be developed and thoroughly tested, just like everything else